First Call: Beer and Baseball


You were expecting what... a cocktail? This is baseball.

Sure the Mariners are so bad this year they would probably get their sorry no-hitting asses handed to them on a platter by most minor league teams. But that doesn't change the fact that eating mounds of garlic with a dash of fries and sipping a cold one at the ballpark makes for a great Sunday afternoon. I rallied my brothers for a rare sibling outing to Safeco to watch the Ms get creamed by the Washington Nationals. True to form they lost 2 - 6.

But baseball is about so much more than who comes out on top in the end. Hell the Cubs practically built their franchise on the ethos of sucking. Baseball is about yelling at umpires, chowing down on greasy food, singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and hating the Yankees. And drinking.

Around the fifth inning one of my brothers and I went off in search of a way to take care of the last part. There's a bar in right field where you can get fancy cocktails and hit on girls in Mariners halter tops, but this is baseball not Belltown. What I really wanted was one of those 16 ounce beers that come in plastic bottles so no one gets hurt if you launch one at an ump after a bad call.

But when we found a stand with the bottled brews, they only took cash and Ichiro was stretching out on deck. Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is how we met Will Cutter, Jr.


Which brings us, finally, to our first call.

Watering Hole: Booze and fries stand somewhere in the Safeco outfield seats.

Barkeep: Will Cutter, Jr., Seattle University, Junior, International Business

So Will, pour us your favorite beer. Okay, the Alaskan Amber.

And why the Alaskan? I'm picking it because everyone gets the Bud Light.

Really? How long have you been working here? This is my first day.

Apparently not all the barkeeps (more or less) at Safeco are employees. The park will host groups for fund-raisers as well. Will was raising money for the Seattle University Autocross Club. I had to look that one up on Google, apparently it's car racing but through trickier courses marked out with cones. I don't know how they made out in terms of cash, but the beer sure took the sting out of the dismal remainder of the game.

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