Anthony Bourdain in Seattle


Bourdain cracks one open after his Seattle appearance.

Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations brought his snide commentary, swearing, and drinking to The Moore this weekend to talk about well… himself. And sure, the guy’s entertaining on television when he’s guzzling down warthog rectum and fermented shark, but my companion and I wondered: Is this guy gonna be fun to watch if he’s just standing on a stage behind a fucking podium?

Surprisingly, yes. The charismatic (according to some) and quite handsome (again, according to some) Mr. Bourdain spent about 45 minutes talking about his rise from cook to writer to media personality, before taking about an hour’s worth of questions from the audience.

He commended Armandino Batali’s Salumi as his no. 1 Seattle choice for a meal and was complimentary of the city's seafood. But Bourdain was less kind toward other subjects. Rachel Ray was referred to as a rhinoceros and Bourdain, who has taken some heat in the past for mocking vegetarians, gleefully called out at the end of his appearance “Are there any vegetarians in the house?” When nobody answered, he grinned. “Too weak to shout out?”

Like him or not, Bourdain actually can hold his own without the exotic landscape or camera crew to help him out. And the ladies sure as hell seemed to love him.

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