New Spot: Mallow, on Madison


At Madison Street and Boren Avenue, in First Hill

Peeking in the windows, this retail spot looks as if it's got quite ways to go before they'll be ready to open their doors, but the name, for one, makes me curious.

Mallow puts me in mind of the most delicious marshmallow I've tasted, though I'm not usually such a mallow fan. Like most people, I was raised on what Kraft still calls "Jet-Puffed" marshmallows, with ingredients like Blue 1 and tetrasodium pyrophosphate, with narry a smidge of marsh mallow root in sight...

But getting back to the tastiest one: an oversize puff of rosemary mallow topped a soup (I forget what kind it was, the sweet flourish was that good) at Veil a while back. In the white lab-coat styled room, this tiny square of herbed sweetness nearly made the meal.

So the name conjures good things for me, but I have no idea what's coming to this new retail space, just two doors up Madison from Sugar. They didn't know either, though they were selling a peppermint mallow last time I stopped in.

Anyone care to fill me (us) in?

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