Lower Queen Anne Foodies Are Buzzing...


...over the remodel currently underway at the KFC on Mercer St. Will the menu be revamped? Will they bring in a new "name" nugget-fryer or hand the reins to a hungry young upstart? Will the previous decor--which might be described as desolation, blindingly illuminated--give way to a more muted lighting design and softer swivel-chair palette?

As usual, Voracious has the scoop. The remodel is paving the way for a second restaurant to be embedded within the KFC--namely, a Taco Bell! This will seriously up the corporate burrito competition in the neighborhood, as the new Bell will be within gas-passing distance of both Taco Del Mar and Blue Water Taco Grill. While the KFC/Taco Bell combo has a somewhat checkered history, it is likely to become a "must" late-night destination for crowds pouring out of Ozzie's.

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