Cafe Juanita's House-made Gelatos and Sorbets Are Coming to Farmers Markets


Well, the ice cream gods have been listening!

If you've dined at Kirkland's Cafe Juanita's, perhaps you've sampled chef Holly Smith's house-made gelato and sorbet. Jonathan Kauffman has: "I have to say, the olive-oil gelato I had at Cafe Juanita was one of the best things there." Created "in small batches using mostly local, mostly organic ingredients" by the chef herself, these sweet wares will be available in a long list of flavors from crudo (raw milk and olive oil) to gianduja (hazelnut and milk chocolate). The frozen desserts will be sold under the name Poco Carretto, which translates from the Italian as little cart.

On June 15 the chef will make her gelatos available at several farmers markets around town: Fremont Market (that Sunday, 10 a.m-5 p.m.),

Bellevue Farmers Market (Thursday, June 19, 3-7 p.m.), and Kirkland's Friday Night Market at Juanita Beach (Friday, June 20, 3-7 p.m.).

Below is the complete list of flavors, though the cart will offer only 10 gelato and 6 sorbetto flavors at a time. You'll have to pace yourself. Maybe fennel seed gelato on Sunday, tomato sorbet on Thursday, with a serving of Lillet Blanc sorbet on Friday? And. And you can get your egg and burnt sugar gelato served in a brioche. Too much, you say?

Here's the list of flavors, so you can plan your attack:


cruda (raw milk with organic extra virgin olive oil)

Holmquist Farms Ennis hazelnut


gianduja (hazelnut and milk chocolate)


burnt sugar



Green and Black's bittersweet chocolate

pinenut brittle with marsala currants

fennel seed

toasted rice


stracciatelle (mint and chocolate)

rhubarb vanilla bean swirl

organic bourbon vanilla bean

espresso grappa

vanilla soy

avocado lime



Lillet Blanc


Charentais melon


organic Green and Black's chocolate

seasonal fruit and citrus


In July, the company will be ready to accept web orders for catering, as well home and office delivery. Dangerous.

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