Zippy's Gets Ready to Grind the Beef

There's a new burger place, Zippy's, set to open on 16th and Holden in West Seattle's Highland Park neighborhood, kitty corner to the 7-11, across the street from the fire station, and next to Sea Mart where a teriyaki place once was. I popped into Sea Mart the other day to buy a two liter bottle of Coke, and asked the owner what was going on next door. He said that Zippy's planned on opening by the end of April, but that deadline could push into May, and that the new burger joint will not use frozen patties -- i.e., all handcrafted burgers. Sounds great, most notably since West Seattle, for all its culinary virtues (especially when White Center is annexed, for convenience sake), doesn't have anything resembling a Red Mill, Dick's, or Kidd Valley, although Smokey's Char-Broiled on 128th and 1st never disappoints those willing to head a bit further south.

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