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Been caught stealing

Some mornings it takes me hours to come up with a few stories to compile for you, and other weeks, I'm overwhelmed with interesting bits. Today's Food Section leads with a scandal:

David Weiner of the Huffington Post has caught Cindy McCain stealing Giada de Laurentiis’ recipes and presenting them as “family favorites.” Update: intern falls on sword, saves McCain's presidential run.

One Cook, Thousands of Seders by Julia Moskin (NY Times): Well, it's Passover season, and America's food sections are filled with Pesach recipes. The Times profiles cookbook author Susie Fishbein, who “would rather be the kosher Rachael Ray than the kosher Martha Stewart.” Not surprisingly, today her Kosher by Design is ranked #435 on Amazon's best-selling list. Bonus link: macaroons!

The Washington Post is proving itself Pulitzer-worthy this week by becoming the source for stories on rising food costs. Today, the paper’s restaurant critic, Tom Sietsema, writes about high-end restaurants dispensing with foie gras and recycling chive tips (though, um, many four-star chefs have long been famous for their parsimony). Earlier this week, the Post ran a great piece, picked up by the Seattle Times, on how chain restaurants are secretly downsizing portions. After trying to make my way through a hubcap-sized platter of chicken Madeira at the Cheesecake Factory, I'm saving my outrage for Maria Glod's story about how high food costs are forcing school lunch programs to downgrade the healthfulness of their lunches.

Onions That Don’t Bite Back by Andreas Vierstad (Washington Post): I just have to plug this great monthly series on everyday food science. Sorry for the heavy dose of Washington Post -- I swear I'm not brown-nosing anyone.

UN Calls for Farming Revolution (BBC thanks to Food Times): Unesco releases the results of a three-year research project and advocates for organics to become the next "green revolution." Monsanto’s stock prices are still not affected.

One more reason that Mick Jagger is the antichrist, and not the one he always aspired to be. (However, I'm going to need to get a hold of this new product. Yeee-aaaayy-ahh!)

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