"Organic To Go": No Go


I'd wandered into one of the Organic To Go delis once before, and was so underwhelmed at the collection of drab, expensive pre-made stuff that I just walked away. Yesterday I needed something for the road and succumbed. Mind you, this Seattle-based chain is apparently doing well for itself. It recently got an infusion of $12 million in private investment to fuel its growth. It's got locations in LA and San Diego. But geez, what a crappy sandwich. My Roast Turkey w/Dill Havarti (don't tell the rabbis) was soggy and tasteless. The tomato slice was like a rubber coaster. There was way too much "vegenaise." (And I'm not one of those for whom ANY amount of "vegenaise" is too much.) Maybe that's just what you get without nitrates, preservatives and the like. I did like the cute little triangular house it came in. Maybe the catering's better...?

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