Green Leaf Reopens, Expands

Green Leaf, the popular little noodle shop on 8th and Jackson, has been planning for months to expand into the floor above. It's about time, says anyone who's had to wait for one of the tiny black tables. A few weeks ago the restaurant closed down while owner Peter Kuang put the last touches on the new room, and it reopened this week. I went for lunch yesterday, and the new second floor is...cute: It has more light and the same wood-paneled walls and green-and-tan color scheme. There's a little bar at the back of the second floor and a row of wooden tables and booths with a wagon-wheel motif that I think just might have come from a Cracker Barrel warehouse. Even at double capacity, Green Leaf is still packed, though there's no line, and the extra volume doesn't seem to have affected the food. Or at least my grilled mushrooms and pork-three-ways rice plate.

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