First Call: Childhood Flashback at the W


Electric Blue... and delicious.

Bartender: Leslee McCreight

Location: The W Hotel, 1112 Fourth Ave.

Drink of Choice: Blue Crush

What's in it? Muddled lemon, Blue Curacao, a spoonful of sugar and a healthy dose of Stoli Blueberi Vodka.

Something about this takes me back to summer vacation and my banana-seat bike. That's because it tastes like a Popsicle, but not too sweet.

That's it! One of those Big Stick Popsicles that changes color as you eat it, only with alcohol. Delicious. Yeah I like to experiment, play with different flavors. That's the fun part of the job.

(Apparently McCreight likes to play with colors too. Looking around the swanky couch-lined lobby, the drinks coming from the bar are not just blue, but pink and green too. But with names like Dangerous Liaison, Passion Play and Sexy Beast, something tells me they're not supposed to conjure child's play.)

Insider Tip: The Blue Crush isn't on the menu yet, though it's likely to be next month. Impress your friends and get down to the W and order one-- while it's still a secret.

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