Dissing Alice Waters and Other Food News

China to Monitor Olympic Food Plant 24 Hours a Day (Reuters): Stories like this make your heart swell, don't they? China takes the Western world's safety concerns in mind and guarantees that all the processed food Olympic tourists put in their mouths will have been carefully monitored for contaminants. Lord help them, though, if they should leave the pitch to find some real food.

Skewed View from the Berkeley Hills by Tom Philpott (Grist): Tom Philpott, the thinking person's farmer, has long defended paying higher food prices for organic, local food. But even he has had enough of Alice Waters and Michael Pollan's approving response to rising food prices. (Hallelujah.) The second part of his article is all about Washington's new law easing the process for local farmers to provide food to local school cafeterias. Bonus article: A few weeks ago, Tom summarized new myth-busting research studies on organics and productivity. Whaddayawant? I like the guy.

Super succulent Imports Are Everything US Pork Isn’t by Rebekah Denn (PI): There have been lots of little pieces in the local and national press about the ultra-rich meat from Washington-grown woolly pigs, whose meat retails for $25 a pound, but Denn finally writes the definitive feature.

Fair Trade at Home by Twilight Greenaway (Culinate): To all of you who earnestly check your chocolate packages for the "Fair Trade" symbol but ignore the working conditions of local apple-pickers and hops pruners, here's a fascinating article on a new Midwestern program to certify domestic farms that pay their workers a living wage.

What Should Go in Your Fridge by Tim Hayward (UK Guardian): "American-style" mega-fridges are the British equivalent of the Wolf six-burner stove right now. A food writer explains to his country how not to turn the big box into a food morgue. Lessons for us all?

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