Bama-Tini vs. Clin-Tini


The problem: You just can't get enough of the Democratic primary. You watch and you read all hours of the day, but can't kick the habit long enough to, say, grab a drink with friends.

The solution: Two martinis from Tini Bigs that let you continue the discussion right through the part of the day your friends relish as politics-free. When you order a Bama-Tini or a Clin-Tini, your vote goes up for whichever candidate you choose.

The drinks themselves?

From a recent press release:

In order to ensure absolute impartiality, these martinis are the exact same recipe (Tuaca, Finlandia Vodka, cranberry juice and a touch of sweet and sour) offered at the same price ($9), with two different names. What it’s called when ordered determines how votes are tallied on the large chalkboard mounted over the bar: One drink = one vote.

As it stands now, Obama is in the lead by 14 “votes.” Only time will tell how accurately the “Tini tally” reflects the delegate count when the Democratic Convention rolls around in August.

Tini Bigs, 100 Denny Way, 284-0931, BELLTOWN.

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