Top Chef Starts Tonight


Top Chef contestants: Good palates, better skin

Just to make sure you didn't change your routine, one week after Project Runway ended, Bravo is starting up the fourth season of Top Chef, which will air every Wednesday night at 10pm. This season starts off in Chicago, and Bravo has scoured the kitchens of New York and San Francisco for the prettiest chefs in the business. According to the Seattle Times, contestant Zoi Antonitsas is a native Seattleite who made her bones at the Dahlia Lounge.

Because nothing's more passe than cheering on the Sonics with your bros, Faire Gallery Cafe, on E. Olive at Bellevue, is hosting a Top Chef viewing party every Wednesday throughout the season so you can get into drunken fistfights with some stranger over Spike vs. Nikki's knife skills. Faire is offering $13.50 champagne bottles -- though I'm not sure why cheap sparkling wine is appropriate for TV watching -- and other specials. Post in the comments if you know of other bars hosting viewing parties.

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