Skillet fries up a few more

Skillet Street Food, the mobile bistro/media darling that opened on Seattle's streets last summer (or fall, or winter, or whenever the city's permitting department finally came to terms with the idea of a moving restaurant), is expanding. Soon, if things go as planned. Skillet's owners hope their first permanent location (with seats! and a sign!), in the old Aristocrats spot on 4th avenue, will be open in May, when the stadiums heat up again. Imagine: Poutine and garlic fries at the same time. Now that's what I call double-fisting.

They'll also have a Capitol Hill location opening April 7th, behind the Photographic Center Northwest, and are looking for a place in Fremont. (If you work for Adobe, that's a hint.)

Probably a good idea to check Skillet's calendar before heading out.

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