Deals, Deals, Deals


It's March: Deal time.

A few to look for:

Dine Around Seattle starts today. For the month of March, 30 Seattle restaurants offer 3-course meals for $30, Sunday through Thursday nights. (Some offer $15 lunch deals, too.) Click here for a full list of participating restaurants. And watch for the zonks behind the curtain.

All month long, Cremant will be celebrating its second anniversary by offering three courses for $30 Sunday through Thursday nights. Sounds familiar, but I'm not complaining.

Finally (and most importantly, if you ask me), Seattle restaurants participating in Dine for Darfur on Tuesday, March 4th will donate 25% of their proceeds to fund aid relief efforts in Darfur. Mark your calendars with a visit to one of the participants. It may not sound like a deal for you, but it's a deal for someone who needs it way more. If you're feeling stingy, go to Top Pot at eat a doughnut for Darfur, at the very least.

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