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Oh, people, this is so embarrassing for Seattle. New York has one , of course. Chicago has one , too. But as


Seattle's Cupcake Crawl


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Oh, people, this is so embarrassing for Seattle. New York has one, of course. Chicago has one, too. But as far as I can tell, no one’s mapped our city’s cupcake crawl. (Yes, that's it. Pub crawl. With cupcakes.) And given the proliferation of cupcake shops in the area (there’s even one in downtown Tacoma!), I think it’s high time.

If your Valentine’s Day fantasies run more along the lines of reading cupcake porn over at CakeSpy and biting into a freshie (or if you’re just too young to drink), gather ‘round. Here’s how a cupcake crawl works:

First, find a group of people you can depend on to eat their weight in cake. Be sure to designate a driver. Because really, doesn’t someone need to remain responsible and alert after all that frosting?

Next, make a map. Any self-respecting cupcake lover could hit Trophy and Cupcake Royale and New York Cupcakes on their lunch hour, but there are more options than you might think. Places like Columbia City Bakery and Dahlia Bakery might also come up big. And c’mon. The Erotic Bakery? Now that I think about it, what two cupcakes don't look like boobs?

Plan your route according to neighborhood, adding in stops at less dedicated cupcake purveyors, those have crumbled under the benefits of the economies of scope (such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Safeway, etc.), so you have a better reason to appreciate why you pay more for a great cupcake. And to be sure to keep an open mind.

Then just buckle up.

Click here (or on the map above) for a good guide to places in Seattle that sell cupcakes. Let me know who I forgot (or if you know of an existing map), and come back to tell us where you went, and what you liked best.

(Full disclosure: Maggie Dutton, who writes for Seattle Weekly, also works for Trophy.)

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