Love, Tapas, and Ta-Ta's


As Adriana reported a few posts down, there are a multitude of kitchens offering special, romantic dinners this week--and my pick for Thursday's absolute best bet is below. If I wasn't stealing my girlfriend away from her boyfriend for the opening night of Mame, this is where I'd be:

Palace Kitchen (a Tom Douglas joint that to me, feels warm and not targeted to a particular demographic) is hosting "A Latin Love Feast," where the entertainment on offer is as caliente as the food. Sez the kitchen's press people:

"We'll be dishing up delicious flights of Spanish tapas for you to linger over (with a special sweet from Dahlia Pastry Chef Garrett Melkonian) while being entertained by the glitter, glamour and old fashioned naughty fun of a classic burlesque show. This evening of cabaret features the big beats of Symphonic Ka-Boom! Starring two internationally renowned burlesque dancers Miss Indigo Blue and Vienna La Rouge with Babette la Fave and the sweet ingénue Belle Cozette. The lush colorful costumes, vintage glitz and gritty jazz to melodious standards should help get you in the mood.


Doors open at 7PM for cocktails and dinner

The performance runs from 8:30PM to 10:00PM.

Ticket price is a seductive $105 (plus gratuity and tax) per person and includes entertainment, 3 flights of tapas, dessert, and 1 drink. There will be a cash bar available all evening. Tickets are nonrefundable!" Tix available here.

Sez I:

Go, go, go! Tapas--bite-sized combinations of flavors and textures which must be eaten with your hands--are always sexy, and the evening's performers are the creme de la creme of the local burlesque scene. If you or your date are new to burlesque, this is glitziest, classiest, randiest introduction you could get. And whether you've had five glasses of bubbly or one, you'll go home inspired to try out a bump-and-grind of your own.

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