Home Depot Serving Food?

Home Depot for Lunch?


What: Camion Taco Truck

Where: 11616 Aurora Avenue North (Home Depot)

When: Today at Lunch

How much? $7.50

Would I eat there again? Yes, even if I did dine from the trunk of my car.

Well, not really but in the adjacent parking lot to Aurora Avenue Home Depot (Bitter Lake), a new taco truck called Camion has set up shop. I stumbled upon the Mexican 5th Wheel on my third trip to Home Depot over the weekend. You can't miss the hand written neon poster board taped to a tree on your way out of the parking lot that reads; "Homemade Tamales". Camion's menu has my favorite Triple Threat - Tortas, Tacos and Tamales. I was told that the last tamale had just sold but more would be ready in two hours. Without my regular laundry list of items to pick up at Home Depot, I didn't have two hours to kill. I opted for the Mexican Plate which came with a choice of meat (pork carnitas for me), avocado, black beans, grilled jalapenos and green onions, salsa fresca, rice and tortillas. There were a couple of chairs on either end of the truck for seating.


I chose to eat out of the trunk of my car (though the chair view from the bluff overlooking the Home Depot nursery looked nice.) The pork was moist and full of flavor. The grilled jalapenos and onions melted in my mouth with each bite.

Take a lunch break from your next home project. You won't be sorry.

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