First Call: Bush Garden


Bush Garden, 614 Maynard Ave. South, International District

Bartender: Kiana

Her Favorite Drink: Kiana's Special, named after its creator.

How Much? I really don't know. I got the drink, a (generous) glass of Kettle One, and two-for one appetizers (bacon-wrapped shrimp, mussels, for $5.75) and my total was $19.

What's In It? Rum. Lotsa rum. Malibu, The Captain, plus Midori (which is what makes this drink green), and Blue Curacao

That's a Lot of Rum: "It's potent, but tastes good. It can sneak up on you."

Kiana's Special's Fan Base Includes: "The girls like it. They like something that tastes good. And I'm from Hawaii, so I like to create things that are tropical. I don't like the taste of liquor."

Why Did You Move to Seattle? "My ex-husband was stationed here. I was just going to save money to get my stuff back. But, you get a boyfriend, kids start school ... That day never came."

How Long Have You Been at Bush Garden? "24 years."

Why? "I loved my boss. We rub this plaque here for good luck. In fact, I think he still roams these walls here."


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