Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, and Other Food News

O Happy, Happy Valentine's Day! Not surprisingly, this week a food editor's fancy turns to thoughts of chocolate.

Dark May Be King, but Milk Chocolate Makes a Move by Julia Moskin (NY Times): Yup, it's coming back in fashion -- finally -- and the NYT gives Theo a nod. Bonus link: My favorite dark milk chocolate is the weirdly gorgeous Chocolate Bonnat Java.

Like Water for Chocolate by Andreas Viestad (Washington Post): I'm really looking forward to reading this new monthly series in the Post, which takes the lessons of molecular gastronomy and applies them to the home kitchen. Here, the author makes a mousse using only chocolate and water.

Bonus Valentine's link: Nancy Leson has a go at Valentine's dinners, to which I say . . . ditto.

Oatmeal Like You’ve Never Had Before by Sara Bir (Star Tribune): Maybe this is only interesting to me because I've been eating steel-cut oats for breakfast lately. 'Course, if you're afraid of making them yourself, Trader Joe's sells packets of frozen oatmeal, to which I say . . . ew.

The Cruelest Cuts (Charlotte Observer, thanks to Ethicurean): The Charlotte Observer is running a six-part investigative feature on the dangers hidden in the Carolinas' poultry industry, which mostly hires illegal immigrants. The editor compares the plight of this new subclass to that of slaves, extra-strong language in the South. Do read this. Don’t read it on an empty stomach.

Second Careers in Food...That Failed by Emily Matchar (Chow): All I have to say is . . . yup.

The Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog: So Good It’s Illegal by Daniel Hernandez (LA Weekly): If you've ever gotten drunk in Los Angeles, chances are good you've tried to sober up with a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Yet recently, health inspectors have been throwing licensed vendors in jail for selling LA's unique late-night treat.

UPDATE: In the same chocolate vein, Jess just sent me this review of eco-chocolates over at Grist. In this tasting, Theo didn't do too well...

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