Unicorn Crepes


Yes, it is a fantasy. At Unicorn Crepes, the sweet new shop now open in the International District, you can binge on a crepe and ogle a good-sized Kappabashi-dori-style plastic food display at the same time.

Don't come here for Nutella; Unicorn doesn't serve your run-of-the-mill Parisian varieties. Here, you'll get your (really tasty) crepe rolled neatly into a peel-away paper cone that you'll eat like an ice cream cone, twirling the paper down as you bite into what just might qualify as fusion crepes:


I say fusion, because the combinations are staggering for someone who has spent a good many nights stumbling toward a crepe stand in Paris.

Strawberries and cream in a crepe cone? Fine. My #12a, "banana custard choco whip" crepe, with a delightfully gooey, soft combination of ripe bananas, organic housemade custard (yum), and what tasted an awful lot like Hershey's syrup? Sure, I can see France in that. The chocolate might make a Frenchie cringe, but I enjoyed it.

But this?


Yes, Unicorn also sells chili cheese hot dog crepes (fusion between French and nasty?), terikayi cheese chicken salad crepes (in a cone, remember), and pizza crepes (wait, it's a French calzone!). Strangely, the potato salad crepe sounded really good to me.

When I asked the nice folks behind the counter about the unicorn thing (their sign isn't up yet outside, but there's a nice insignia of a unicorn dancing in the hollow of a quarter moon on their menu), they said unicorns represent good fortune and peace, and are especially important symbols for women and girls (who they see as their main customer base "because women like sweets.") I'd like to argue, but I can't, really. I totally had a stuffed purple unicorn until . . .wait, I might still have it.

My only question: Why didn't they called it Unicone Crepes?

Unicorn Crepes, 421 6th Ave. S. (at King St.), 652-0637. INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT

Open Mon. - Sat. 11:30 a.m. - 8 p.m., Sun. 12 - 6 p.m. Closed Tuesdays.

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