The McDonald's of Organic Fast Food?


Keeping our interest in green biz high. (

Seattle-based Organic To Go seems to have hit its stride. Sales of the ready-to-eat sandwiches and salads, all bearing that enviro-friendly organic certification, hit $4.7 million during the last quarter of 2007, the company reported today.

It's still operating at a loss, but that hole is filling in quickly. They finished the quarter $1 million in the hole compared with a $2.4 million loss during the fourth quarter of 2006. Wall Street liked what they saw and Organic's tiny share price rose more than 6 percent to close at $1.41. With stores in Washington and California, it hardly makes Organic to Go a green Burger King, but it's good news for businesses catering to the Al Gore crowd, and the birth of another polar bear in Germany (remember the adorable Knut?) can only keep interest in Earth-friendly businesses high.

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