Talk About Double Entendres: The NASCAR Candy Bar

You know that animated picture of a twirling dancer that everyone was emailing around a month or two ago? If you saw her spinning clockwise, you were right-brained, and if she spun counterclockwise, you were left-brained. Well, in the same spirit, this candy bar, which arrived at the Seattle Weekly International Headquarters a few minutes ago, seems to indicate sexual orientation. It sure had me agog:


When I asked hopelessly hetero Mike Seely what Big Mo' meant to him, he replied automatically, "Big momentum, of course." And apparently, NASCAR giant Dale Earnhardt Jr. also named his new candy bar after his home town of Mooresville, N.C. But when I showed the Big Mo' bar to another gay man in the office, his first response, after snorting, was, "Isn't the apostrophe supposed to be before the M?"

I guess good ol' Dale has never heard this conversation:

A: Did you see that You Tube video of Jack from Project Runway dancing in the subway?

B: Oh my god. Such a big 'mo.

Is 'mo not common slang for homo in your circle of friends? I laughed even harder reading the text on the back:


Run out and buy a stack of Big Mo bars before one of the 'mos on Dale's staff confesses why he's been snickering for months.

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