Jinx! Buy me a...one of these

brasa_jinx.jpgI am the queen of Champagne cocktails, mostly because my bubbly habit far exceeds my bubbly budget and therefore requires me to enlist many creative solutions.

I've dressed up my cava before, oh yes I have. But cava is so dry it usually ends up taking on the flavors of whatever you add and tasting more like punch than sparkling wine. That's why the Jinx bubbly cocktail(s)I had the other day at Brasa happy hour made such an impression on me. A simple mix of Tuaca (an Italian liqueur with light vanilla and orange flavors) and cava with an orange twist, there was just enough Tuaca to lend deeper, creamy notes to the cava, like it was playing dress up in vintage Champagne's clothes. The proportions in Brasa's Jinx cocktail are far righter than anything I ever tried with the much orangier Grand Marnier. It is my house cocktail of the moment.

Brasa, 2107 3rd Ave, 728-4220, www.brasa.com

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