Food (Network) Gossip

In line at Salumi recently, I overheard a woman say "I'm doing a screen test for the Food Network."

It was Lorna Yee, whose prosciutto won Salumi's recent salami contest.

The Seattle P.I.'s Rebekah Denn describes Lorna:

Look anywhere in the Seattle food scene, and Yee's name pops up. The multitalented self-taught cook might be cooking at Cache, the private dinner club where she's a co-host, with features such as a "Praise the Lard" dinner that includes crunchy crepinettes on potato galette and chive cr?me fraise, and a dessert of homemade bacon brittle maple ice cream. Her prosciutto took first prize at Salumi's salami contest -- the first time she had tried curing meat -- and she writes about food for Seattle magazines. If there's such a thing as a Renaissance food geek, she's it.

(Full story here.)

A photo of Lorna can be found here.

For Maggie Dutton's take on the casting call, way back in September, see this post.

With gossipy thanks to Jess Thomson.

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