First Call: Who Says MGD Pint Glasses Aren't Swank?


Barkeep: Travis Brown, Owner

Watering Hole: Swank, Kent

Pick Your Poison: Pometini

This seems to be everywhere these days and at Kent?s newest gay hot spot, it only makes sense to elevate it to the status of signature drink. Brown?s take on this new standard is less tini and more Sex on the Beach. The blend is vodka, pomegranate liqueur, orange juice and a splash of 7. But what really made this drink for me was that Brown served it in an MGD Sonics pint glass. This is Kent bitches!

So why are we drinking a pometini? ?You?d asked for a drink that was one of my favorites. I?ve found very few people that dislike it; sometimes it?s too sweet.?

What?s with the suddenly ubiquitous pometini? ?I think you?ve seen over the last year, the pomegranate in general has become very popular, very healthy. Pomegranate--it?s that time.?

I have to say, I?m impressed that you just went for it with the MGD pint glass, no frilly martini glasses for you, eh? ?The reality of the pint glasses is it?s cheaper for us get them from our beer vendors than stores. There?s also Seahawks and Huskies. We have a little bit of everything in our glassware.?

And just how long should we ride this pomegranate bandwagon? I?m not opposed to sweet candy drinks and alcopops per se. Hell, I loved those key lime Bacardi Breezers. But the pometini thing seems to have gotten a little out of control. A few weeks ago I had one at a happy hour. It was served in the requisite tini glass and tasted like watered down pom liqueur mixed with sugar mixed with a splash of vodka. Brown knows better--he says he combined the best of the recipes that came with the liqueur to come up with his concoction. And with that splash of 7 it?s pretty strong--like ?Oh my God! I luh-uhve George Michael!? strength. When you?re a gay nightclub in Kent, isn?t that exactly the chord you?re trying to strike?

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