Barkeep : A.J. Mohr

Watering Hole : Calamity Jane's, Georgetown

Pick Your Poison : A long shot of Sauza Hornitos tequila and a Rainier tall


First Call: A Shot of Georgetown at Calamity Jane's


Barkeep: A.J. Mohr

Watering Hole: Calamity Jane's, Georgetown

Pick Your Poison: A long shot of Sauza Hornitos tequila and a Rainier tall boy chaser

Calamity Jane's is part hole in the wall neighborhood bar, part family-friendly restaurant. The dining room is well lit and open and offers a decently varied menu. The bar is a little more grungy, with regulars swapping stories at the counter and pictogram representations of the seven dirty words you can't say on television decorating the wall.

So what brings a former Rendezvous bartender to these parts (writer mumbled through the lime soothing her tequila-fired throat)? "It's, like, a complete change of pace from working in Belltown."

Rainier (writer starting to feel a little tipsy)? ?I think it tastes better [than PBR].?

Georgetown over the thriving Belltown scene (tequila now making writer think she's devastatingly witty--oops, dropped the notebook)? ?Everything looks like a detective novel--dirty and gritty. And that's how I like it."

Really? What's your favorite detective novel (writer starting to get very concerned about finding bus home)? ?I don't actually read much.?

Make sure you drink some water. The last time I did this, the bartender kept asking me what I wanted. When I explained the First Call rules, Mohr said he could make me a "froofy drink", voice dripping with judgment. Clearly that's not what he considers his thing and I told him to go nuts. So he pulled down a bottle of tequila and unapologetically cracked a Rainier. You've got to respect that kind of honesty, even if you've never been particularly good at holding your Hornitos.

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