I am an appreciator of all fine examples of nerdery. Take for example Wine Trails of Washington , "a guide for uncorking your memorable wine


The Wine Hopper's Companion

I am an appreciator of all fine examples of nerdery. Take for example Wine Trails of Washington, "a guide for uncorking your memorable wine tour," by Steve Roberts. Consider it the 100 Hikes version of wine touring, times four. Each winery entry has detailed contact information, wine tasting hours, and a little dose of history. The book is organized by route, like Wenatchee to Wilbur or Whidbey Island to Port Townsend. Which wineries are best? Steve leaves that up to you. It's all so low tech and short tail, I admire him profusely.

The 572 page book is compiled with such OCD and fairness that it took a man outside the industry to write it, and publish it all by himself. To Steve, every stop is a potential good time, and rightfully so. I'll keep a copy in the trunk because you never know when a weekend of hiking might get rained out, or a Sunday drive turns into something 45 miles longer than anticipated. I don't know how many times I've been on the road and neglected to make a few stops because getting there required an effort or knowledge that was too late to acquire barreling south on 97.

You can purchase Wine Trails of Washington for $19.95 by calling 1-800-533-6165 (an 800# with an answering machine when operators (read:writer) are not on duty--how @#$!ing adorable is that?)

Or you can buy it at Elliot Bay Book Co., Barnes & Noble downtown, Island Books (as in Mercer), Fremont Place Books, "select QFC stores," Capers in West Seattle and Fremont, Verve Wine Bar in Columbia City, and Chateau St. Michelle. Phew! Not bad for an indie writer.

You can also order from Amazon...BUT! You support your local farmers? Support your local authors, too. I really, really hate to tell you to buy this book on Amazon. Writers get less cash per book from online stores such as the mega-A. I highly encourage you to buy with as few degrees of separation from the author as possible (just like your veggies), so that he gets the biggest piece of pie from his hard work.

** Steve Roberts will also be signing copies of the book tonight at Vino Bella at 99 Front St. in Issaquah.

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