Science on Tap: Today & Beyond


Science on Tap: Today & Beyond

  • Science on Tap: Today & Beyond

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    Twice a month, Science on Tap brings people together to talk about current topics and issues in the scientific community. I'm not one of those quiz night people, but this totally speaks to me. I mean, it's beer...with science!

    Science on Tap meets the first Tuesday of the month at T.S. McHugh's on Lower Queen Anne and the last Monday of the month at Third Place Pub in Ravenna. Check their website,, for more information on upcoming topics. It looks like the group took a break for the holidays, back on January 28th at Ravenna's Third Place Pub with Bill McNeely talking about alternative fuels. Coool... Hey, how about an upcoming discussion on alternative hopping agents?

    Today, on NPR station KUOW 94.9 at 2pm Sound Focus will discuss Science on Tap. (Listen Live from this link.)

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