I Drank This: Tsingtao Lager at Yen Wor Village

There are times, usually when you're up a couple hundred bucks at a blackjack table, when you feel like you deserve a lager of finer quality than Budweiser. In such situations, the happy gambler usually opts for a Heineken, and is usually disappointed by the skunk-like quality of the vastly overrated Dutch beer. So what are the alternatives? Tsingtao, for one. Don't be put off by its general lack of availability at all but the seediest Chinese restaurant lounges. Or, better yet, don't be put off by seedy Chinese lounges. Case in point: SW photog 'Lil Scoop and I hit the notorious Pagoda Room at Yen Wor Village in the Admiral Junction last night. Here, we took in the first half of a truly dreadful Sonic game, ate some lemon chicken, and listened to a tough-ass barmaid named Toni school a crusty regular for his aversion to tipping properly. But the best part was the Tsingtao, so clean and refreshing (maybe I should moonlight as a beer commercial copywriter, eh?).

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