Seattle's Best Frozen Yogurt: Shnoo

How Seattle, to get excited about a healthy alternative to fattening desserts that are actually natural. We may not be as deeply entrenched in the frozen yogurt ?cold war? as Los Angeles, but we might not be far behind in coming months. Depends on how much fro yo Seattleites want to eat in January, I guess.

Five of the six frozen yogurt shops I visited this week have opened this year, and employees at Red Mango and Cefiore (both of which opened their first location in the last month) told me their respective companies plan to open two additional stores in 2008. Starbucks recently invested in Pinkberry, the L.A. chain that started the trend, fueling speculation Pinkberry might also hit Seattle. I couldn't reach Shnoo's owner for comment, but a trusted fro yo spy told me that Shnoo was started by someone disenchanted with Crazyberry?s approach to cost-cutting.

And guess what? That person did the right thing.

Shnoo is Seattle?s Best Frozen Yogurt. Both of its flavors fall firmly into the ?creamy? camp, along with Red Mango?s original flavor and all of Cefiore?s yogurts, but Shnoo?s toppings are more creative, and the green tea flavor is just the right balance of bitter, tart, and sweet. And in a business largely dependent on a cute name, a word that the Urban Dictionary translates to both ?sex? and ?retard? scores high in my book.


1514 4th Ave., 621-2631, DOWNTOWN. Open Mon. - Sat. 11:30 - 7, Sun. 11:30 - 5.

223 Kirkland Av. #2, (425) 289-9600, KIRKLAND. Open 11:30 - 9 daily.

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