SBFY Part Four: YoBerry


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(SBFY Part Three: Shnoo)

SBFY Part Four: YoBerry

WHERE: YoBerry, 823 3rd Ave. at Marion

WHAT: Small original frozen yogurt with kiwi

WHEN: Friday afternoon

COST: $3.77

WOULD I GO AGAIN? Yes, but absolutely no kiwi.



Tucked inside a funky little court off 3rd Avenue downtown, I?m surprised to find YoBerry packed to the hilt on such a cold day. YoBerry carries two flavors: original and dragonfruit. Both leave aftertextures ? they?re not too icy, but they leave an unpleasant dry feeling in my mouth. The dragonfuit is a little on the sweeter side, so I choose the original, along with the kiwi that look so perfectly, adorably cubed that I pick them over the anemic-looking pomegranate seeds, lychee, and other tropical fruit choices.

I?ve been getting small servings at each yogurt spot, usually 5 ounces, and YoBerry?s idea of 5 ounces is clearly larger than anyone else?s so far. The kiwi is also piled on high, and I find myself falling in love with the owner, who?s sweet and smiley. I start in on the yogurt, and find the pure flavor of the yogurt overcomes any textural issues I had when I sampled it at first, maybe because I keep shoveling more in, scooping to the beat of Bonnie Raitt.

But then I go for the kiwi. It?s frozen ? not cold kiwi that came from a bag of frozen kiwi, but still-frozen, rock-hard green cubes. Should I tell this woman I picked kiwi off a vine in my back yard two weeks ago?

I let the first piece dissolve slowly in my mouth, and out of nowhere, right along with the weird frozen-flesh texture, I taste something else. I search my taste memory, and come up with a smell: It?s what hits you when you walk into a low-brow Asian grocery store, part fish, part funk. Why is this coming out of my kiwi?

I try another piece, and spit it out. This is too weird. The yogurt?s great, but next time I?ll stick with sprinkles.

Of curiosity: YoBerry also sells high-quality tea and coffee (quality unknown), which comes with a free pre-packaged bean cake.

YoBerry, 823 3rd Ave., 321-7404, DOWNTOWN.

Open Mon. ? Fri. 10 a.m. ? 4:30 p.m.

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