NYT's Frugal Dining in Seattle: $500


Photo by Chris Kornelis

The New York Times' Matt Gross brought The Frugal Traveler to Seattle, and hit The Triple Door, Cascadia, and the Daily Dozen Donut Company in the Market.

Watch the video here.

Got a kick out this sentence:

To survive a weekend on a budget of just $500 -- a fortune for grunge aficionados but a pittance for high-tech billionaires -- happy hour, I knew, would be key, particularly since I intended to do little else but eat my way through the Emerald City on a visit earlier this year.

Just $500? You must have gone home starving! So frugal.

Update: The alpine martinis are $5.50, not $4.50 as The Times article says. And the mini burgers are $2.50, not $1.

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