Leftover Turkey and a Red Ryder BB Gun


Thanksgiving is more of a warm-up holiday in my family. The Friday after, also known as Volcano Day, is the main event. My parents came across this nutty recipe blending turkey, pineapple, coconut, and other ingredients that don't intuitively mix. You smother the whole thing with gravy and it kind of looks like someone barfed on your plate. We love it.

It's indulgent comfort food to be sure, but in our expanding circle of family and friends who participate, it also serves as ice-breaker. This year, one of my cousins was newly married. Another cousin and my brother both showed up with girlfriends meeting the family for the first time. It was a recipe for awkward silence and uncomfortable fidgeting, but throw in the volcanoes and there's always a conversation piece: "Really? Maraschino cherries?" Cherries indeed. We finished the night off with pie and A Christmas Story.

Here's the rundown:

1. Rice

2. Chinese Fried Noodles

3. Turkey

4. Gravy

5. Cheddar Cheese

6. Tomatoes

7. Celery

8. Green Onions

9. Crushed Pineapple

10. More Gravy

11. Coconut

12. Slivered Almonds

13. Cherries

Happy Volcano Day!

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