Georgetown to Be Hoppier in '08

Just call me Scoop. Last night I got to peek in on the build out for Full Throttle Bottles on Airport Way South, a new bottle shop that's shooting for a January opening. The owner is a savvy lady with a long career in retail and business who has decided to combine these skills with her obsession for beer. The shop will sell kegs to go, domestic and foreign craft beers, and neighborhood favorites. (Might that include Georgetown Brewing Co. in bottles? The shop is right across the street from the GBC...)

"We're also going to carry some wine, since we have twice the space we need. Nothing too fancy, mostly Tuesday night wines that aren't so common," says the owner who for now shall remain nameless.

Man alive, if the layers of 2x4s, paint, and caulk in that space could talk. I stopped counting at 23 different colors, not to mention all the pipes and conduit to nowhere. The space used to be the stable for the old racetrack that filled the space south of Michigan in the 1920s.

Note: Speaking of Georgetown Brewing Company, get to Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle tomorrow night to meet Manny and Roger and try their firkin delicious 9LB Porter. No, not just a bad pun, the beer is in cask. Perhaps the owner of said new bottle shop might make herself known.

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