Cash for Candy



It's kind of a drive, but for parents who just cannot tolerate the thought of their children eating all that non-organic, mass-produced, fat-creating, teeth-rotting bounty from last night, orthodontist Rick Molen offers you a way out.

If it's important enough to drive out to his offices in Auburn, Sumner or Enumclaw, he offers your kids $2 per pound of candy they give up from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. today. Plus an extra buck for showing up in costume. He says he started the candy buy-back three years ago to get his own patients to stop dinging up their braces, but everyone can drop off the junk, which is sent to food banks and troop care packages.

Last year he got 800 pounds of the sweet stuff, he says. "They're more than happy to give it up."

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