Hangar Cafe, Closed for Now

Soon to Open Under New Ownership

hangar linus.jpg

Photo credit: Linus Mumford

For all of you Georgetown fans who might be wondering what's up with the Hangar Cafe, it will come back, under new ownership.

Rumor has it, from Stephanie and James of the Georgetown Truck Stop, that the Hangar-owner (Dawn) took a week off to surf, came back, and decided to sell the place. Apparently she did so, to a man from The Essential Baking Company, who, as I heard this morning, plans to sell crepes.

Hangar sign.jpg

The most recent note is dates from last week, so I'm waiting to see what happens to this space.

Still, I'll miss the best crunchy oatmeal I've ever tasted, as well as the savory frittatas. Sad to say, I never enjoyed a 16 ounce mimosa while watching the planes fly overhead.

Does anyone know more about the next incarnation of this sweet spot? Is the crepe rumor true?

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