Few of us can afford a plated gala for SAM or an extended stay at a posh hotel, but that doesn't mean you can't get


Get Swanked, Become a SAM "Donor" for $10

Hotel 1000 and Seattle Art Museum sittin' in a tree...

Few of us can afford a plated gala for SAM or an extended stay at a posh hotel, but that doesn't mean you can't get your luxury in small, cheap shots. Last night, I attended the first "In The Studio" event at the Hotel 1000. It's an ingenious collaboration between the Seattle Art Museum and it's neighbor. SAM lends out their top notch curators to give presentations on upcoming exhibits, and the hotel provides top drawer libations and appetizers.

Being a Japanophile completely fascinated with the ways Japan has absorbed/assimilated Western culture, I have been looking forward to SAM's upcoming exhibit "Japan Envisions The West," which will show how the West influenced traditional Japanese art forms and how the Japanese synthesized aspects of Western art. SAM's Asian art curator Yokiko Shirahara was on hand last night to explain the exhibit, part of an intense 5 year negotiation with the Kyoto City Museum (our sister city for 50 years).

Pieces on loan from the Kyoto museum (for the first time ever in America) will be displayed along side part of SAM's catalog of Western art to show the give and take. The time frame of the exhibit begins with Japan's very first contact and relationships with the West. This was just after the other Shogunates were shut down and the Tokugawa consolidated all the power, when all the Samurai became Ronin. Japanese merchants had gained a bit more power and the West held a certain glamour for some Japanese.

This show is curator Shirahara's dream, and getting to hear and see her take on some of the pieces? Priceless. Or at least a hell of a bargain for 2 Lincolns. The appetizer spread included a far better than average cheese plate, corn-n-crab cupcakes, prosciutto wrapped figs, and more,  with your choice of red or white. We also got to try a Tokyo Rose cocktail (pictured above), rose-infused vodka with Barenjager and nigori sake; it was elegant and aromatic and perfectly paired with Yokiko Shirahara's charm.

Where: Hotel 1000 Fireside Room, 1000 1st Avenue
When: First Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm, through February
How much: 10$ donation to SAM

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