Bye-Bye Butterball

A Thanksgiving pledge for every self-righteous Seattleite

If grocery stores can put Halloween candy out early - what is it now, mid-July? - I have every right to start planning my Thanksgiving feast this weekend.

Just found out there's a formal campaign to get people to feast locally this year, and it's so easy you have no excuse not to take the pledge. (It reads: I pledge to include at least one locally grown food on my Thanksgiving table this year.) If you can't do that, you're a) lazy and disengaged, b) a despicable example of an Earth-hater, or c) spending Thanksgiving in Indiana with relatives who will only eat GMO sweet potatoes with marshmallows.

But seriously, people. It's getting easier in these parts. If you can't afford one of Tom's fancy local turkeys (though here's a quick list of farms that sell them, or maybe Thundering Hooves may still have a few), at the very least git yourself some Stone-Buhr, that new flour (as in all-purpose) made from all Northwest-grown wheat. (It's available here.) Or donate a plate of local cheeses to your friendsgiving. Do something.

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