Where? Waji’s, SeaTac airport , past security, next to gate C12

What does $13 get you?
A beef teriyaki combo with vegetable rice, pork gyoza,


$13 at Waji's, and not a bite of sushi

Uwajimaya's new airport outpost has standards


Where? Waji’s, SeaTac airport, past security, next to gate C12

What does $13 get you?
A beef teriyaki combo with vegetable rice, pork gyoza, and a medium drink ($9.95), plus edamame ($1.95) and a free sample of Matcha Freeze. Enough for two, unless you need to sleep on a red eye.

Recommended? Yes, if you have to eat at the airport.

There’s usually something so devastating about walking into an airport with hunger pains. It’s like knowing you’re about to get sucker punched.

But last week, fresh off the plane from Boise, I felt the slightest bit excited about eating at Waji’s. At 8:30 on a Sunday night, they’d actually sold out of all their fish sushi – sad for me, but also sort of comforting to think that this mini Uwajimaya outpost isn’t pumping out sushi all evening long and holding onto leftover raw fish until the next day. I debated between spam sushi, California rolls, and multiple katsu variations, briefly mourned the fact that their beer and sake menu isn’t available yet, and picked Combo #2.


Waji’s is no Panda Express. Much fresher. While I munched on perfectly salty, pre-shelled edamame, I watched the guys in the back toss raw vegetables and meat on the grill, sear it all up Mongolian-barbecue style, and push it toward me, steaming and fragrant. The gyoza was stuffed to the brim with pig - could have been a bit more crisp on the outside, but no major complaints. The beef teriyaki, a huge pile of thin, tender, soy-soaked beef shavings piled on fresh sushi rice, settled the post-flight munchies with much success. After one bite of the greasy bok choy, though, I avoided the rest of the sautéed vegetables, and I suggest you do the same.

I also suggest you try Waji’s green tea-flavored version of a Frosty, the Matcha Freeze, which I missed entirely until I saw the cashier giving out samples. No dumbed-down green tea flavor here, just appropriately bitter icy goodness. The sample was quite generous, just enough to feel like I’d had dessert.

It was $13.01, actually, but the nice cashier threw in the penny - good to know Homeland Security isn't in charge of training droids for the food courts, too.

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