Tour de Fat This Weekend

Bicycles, Fat Tire, music and more this Saturday in Fremont

If you get near Fremont on Saturday, you will not be able to escape New Belgium Brewing Company's Tour de Fat. A day of leisurely riding, obligatory costumes (this IS Fremont), beer drinking, and musical performance, proceeds from beer drunk will go to local charities. The Tour de Fat promotes the concept of car free living through...well, drinking and biking. One lucky participant, having pledged to go car-free, will win a shiny new bicycle.

The ride begins at 11:00am, with beer and music to follow (noon to 6:00pm). Admission is zilch, so you can enjoy The Yard Dogs Roadshow, The Reals, and many more, while you drink a Mothership Wit and shoot the poo about whatever it is bike people talk about. Point your Schwinn towards the intersection of North 35th & Phinney to join the fun, or follow that Chewbacca on the Torelli.

Visit New Belgium's sickeningly cute Follow Your Folly website for complete details, where you can join Team Wonderbike by committing to ride your bike to work 2 days a month. (Warning: Site contains a stupid amount of Flash.)

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