Squirrels, Plums, & Blackberry Update


Squirrels, Plums, & Blackberry Update

A really cute squirrel and blackberry ripeness report

  • Squirrels, Plums, & Blackberry Update

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    They say a blog isn't really a blog until it posts a picture of a cat.Well, how about this squirrel? I played fetch with him this weekend. I'd throw one of the hundreds of Italian plums my tree decided to drop; he'd chase after it, bite into it like he was verifying gold, then bury it. This went on for a half an hour (yes, I was sober).

    In other news, while most blackberry bushes are in the unripe green ball stage, look around and you'll find unripe red with little dots of black. These black beauties are super tart, but good enough for the saucepan, a hit of sugar, and a cakey biscuit. I give some bushes 2 more weeks before it's game on. I missed peak blackberry season last year. West Seattle turns into Road Warrior over the little black globules. Well, stay away from my blackberries, lower 40th and Morgon, people. Besides, I licked them. All of them.

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