Signature Ale

A little preview of Tomme Arthur's wares now available

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur. I mentioned that he was creating a beer with De Proef Brewery of Belgium, Signature Ale. Well, for all of you emailing me when and where, it's here and for sale (try Thriftway, Whole Foods, or any specialty food/beverage store with a resident beer nerd).

It's an American/Belgian hybrid, a strong pale ale if you will. Use your finest stemware and serve at a 1/2-hour-out-of-the-fridge temperature. It's pale gold with that distinct biscuity Belgian sweet nose and a little zesty hit of hops. I like this whole hops in Belgian beer thing, it works. This will have to sate you until the Lost Abbey beers become available in September or maybe October, depending on the WSLCB.

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