When I saw a piece titled "Be Yourselves, Girls, Order the Ribeye" in the NYT yesterday morning, I knew by noon it would rise to


Red Meat Manipulation

Ribeye: the fast track to a diamond ring?


When I saw a piece titled "Be Yourselves, Girls, Order the Ribeye" in the NYT yesterday morning, I knew by noon it would rise to be the #1 most emailed story, even though it's a completely patronizing piece of crap. 

The premise of the piece: women are ordering more steak now instead of in an earlier era when, as the piece states, "conventional dating wisdom for women was to eat something at home alone before a date, and then in company order a light dinner to portray oneself as dainty and ladylike."

For the most part, the piece argues that the primary motive behind women ordering more steak isn't because they want to eat steak. No, it's because eating meat is a successful way to land a man (looks like the Rules needs a revised edition!).

The piece examines meat as manipulation, including what kind of meat to order:

"The mediums of steak and hamburger each send a different message. Dropping into conversation the fact that steaks of Kobe beef come from Wagyu cattle, but that not all steaks sold as Wagyu are Kobe beef, demonstrates one’s worldliness, said Gabriella Gershenson, a dining editor at Time Out New York."

And using it as bait in your online dating profile:

"Martha Flach mentioned meat twice in her profile: 'I love architecture, The New Yorker, dogs ... steak for two and the Sunday puzzle.' . . . The repetition worked. On her first date with Austin Wilkie, they ate steak frites. A year later, after burgers at the Corner Bistro in Greenwich Village, he proposed."

The ultimate win! Meat will get you a man!

"Of course," writes the author towards the end of the piece, "There are always those rare women who order what they want and to heck with what a man might think."

Wait, what's this?? Not every single woman is eating to gain a foothold in the dating world?

The example:  

"Saehee Hwang, 30, a production director at, found herself out with friends at DuMont restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when she started feeling attracted to a new guy in the group. She said she had wanted to order a burger, but started having second thoughts. 'I didn’t want to appear too much of a carnivore,' she said. 'It might be off-putting.'”

But then she decided she should not change her order to fit a preconceived idea of what a man might want. She ordered the house specialty, a half-pound of beef on a toasted brioche bun with Gruyère cheese. “We started dating afterward,” Ms. Hwang said. “And he told me he liked the fact that I ordered the burger.”

She ate red meat because it was what she wanted!  And she still landed the man. So yes girls, if you want to get a man, be yourselves, and order that ribeye.

Seems like women everywhere will get the message: the story still holds the lead spot this morning.

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