How many Tap/Grill/Sports Bars Does It Take To Hold Up A Block?

Not one but two new pub/grill/sports bars set to rain on Rupert Murdoch's parade.

Gameworks just opened their World Sports Grille (yes, with an "e"). Capitalizing on beer trends no doubt and reallocating space from their games, the <cringe>Grille</cringe> entrance is on Pike and looks like a standard issue sports bar, with high ceilings. Word on the street says the manager will play around with the beer line up after the initial opening. The strangest thing to me is that their logo seems to be sponsored by Sega...

The Tap House Grill just opened around the corner--it may be all about the beer, but they have some TVs, and the best beer line up downtown (well, they have a bazillion so it's also the biggest). Then there's the FOX Sports Grill right next door. So I gotta say...Huh? But hell, if the Grille, with an "e," and the Tap House can put the smackdown on anything with the word FOX in the title...then have at it boys.

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