Ferry, Bus, Beer

If you're gonna make the trip, make it count.


Last week, Maggie Dutton wrote about Silver City Brewery's Don Spencer, and his award-winning beers in Silverdale. For those of you unfamiliar with the peninsula, Silverdale is one of those towns you get to after you take the ferry to Bremerton from downtown's Coleman dock. (You could take the Bainbridge boat, but, Bremerton's way cooler.)

Now, if you're going to go out for your way to check out Don's wonderful brews, you might as well check out the other craft-beer options in Kitsap County.

-Heads Up Brewing Company isn't but a few blocks away from Silver City. In addition to their own brew, they've got a massive selection by the bottle. You can also brew your own beer there.

-Hood Canal Brewery is in Kingston, which is a bit of a hike from Silverdale, but for the beer fan, it's well worth the trip. Consider the Dosewalips Special Ale if you make it over.

Of course, there are two excellent breweries in Port Townsend, too, if you really want to make a day out of it.

Best of all, you can visit EVERY one of these breweries via public transportation, so you can drink till you're drunk enough to want to take the ferry every day.

Take the Kitsap Transit bus from the Bremerton ferry to the Kitsap Mall for Silver City, and Heads Up. Catch a connection at the mall toward Kingston for Hood Canal. And for Port Townsend, find yourself a Jefferson Transit bus.

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