Doner Kebab Sandwich and Salad for Almost $13

Turkish Delight. And They Mean It.


What: Doner Kebab Sandwich and Green Salad

When: Today: lunch

The chicken doner is in full view of the counter, and if you're lucky, you'll receive slices freshly cut from the rotating hunk of marinated meat. Served up in a soft, fat, round of pita, the chicken is cozied up to lettuce, tomatoes, and "house sauce."

Where: Turkish Delight in the Pike Place Market, 1930 Pike Place, 206.443.1387

turkish delight.JPG

Official Tasting Notes:
I've still got garlic breath from the piquant tzatziki-like sauce that dressed both the sandwich and salad. The chicken was tender and well-spiced, the pita soft and fresh, and the sauce held the sandwich together nicely. Flavorwise, anyway--this was a gooey, messy, two-handed meal. (There's also a veggie option, not on the menu. If you ask, they'll make your sandwich with the roasted veggies-either plain or in a rich mayonnaise sauce-sitting in the glass case and calling themselves salad.)

The green salad, which doesn't read like much on the menu (lettuce, tomatoes, and onions with house dressing), was finished nicely with a delicious yogurty, garlicky, cucumber dressing. It was almost addictive. Green salad addictive? I know, you may laugh, but this simple salad was one of the nicest I've had in awhile.

Cost: $13.25: chicken donor kebab sandwich ($9.50) and a green salad ($3.75)

Insider Tip:
Spring for dessert. No doubt the inspiration for Jujubes, Turkish delight is a sweet, strangely gummy homemade nut candy. (I should've splurged on some of the eponymous candy to clear my palette.) And they serve great, brain-addling Turkish coffee, too.

Would I eat it again?
Definitely: fresh, quick, easy, cheap. This lunch was enough to feed two on the cheap. Almost.

Photos by Chris McManus and Adriana Grant.

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