Finally, a recipe for sexy.

I just heard about cookthink, a new recipe website that allows you to search for a recipe based on an ingredient, a type of dish, a certain cuisine, and/or a mood. As in, I'd like to eat something gratifying or humble or consoling. I think it's a fabulous idea; sometimes when I walk into the kitchen, the recipe I need has so much more to do with my emotion than a particular food group. I punched in chicken plus sexy and got a recipe for Latin Rice with Chicken Thighs. Whooo wheee, Chicken Shakira for dinner tonight! Moroccan plus tomatoes plus depressed yielded Moroccan Vegetable Stew. Perfect for a self-absorbed night on the couch.

But, uh, a warning: cookthink is definitely still beta. I entered figs and exotic and got a recipe for Asian mussels. I hope they'll keep chipping away at it until they get the code right; I think it could be quite useful!

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