Sundays, Boozy Sundays

Where to go for more Hornitos on SUnday

The Liquor Control Board opened over two dozen more state liquor stores for Sunday sales (noon to 5pm), beginning yesterday. In our county, the following stores are now open to serve you when you most need to be served:

Ballard - 2840 NW Market St.
Northgate - 10700 5th Ave. NE
Bellevue - 10307 NE 1st St.

And the following stores already do business on Sundays: Queen Anne - 515 1st Ave. N
U. Village - 2746 NE 45th
Capitol Hill - 1605 12 Ave.

Uh, what 2nd & Seneca??? The WSLCB is missing out on the dollars of thousands of cruise ship bound Midwesterners and other tourists. Oh brother, why do I keep pretending like the LCB cares? The full list of Sunday saling stores is available in PDF HERE.

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