So, I was on the radio this weekend, " Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen " on 710 KIRO to be exact (every Sat ,4-7 p.m., and


More Pina, More Sabor, Less Colada

Making Pina Coladas easier to love, with a little ingredient switcheroo

So, I was on the radio this weekend, "Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen" on 710 KIRO to be exact (every Sat ,4-7 p.m., and disclaimer: I work P-T for Mr. D.) I talked about cool and easy summer cocktails for your Fourth of July barbecue. Being so muy patriotic, I decided to riff on the margarita and the agua frescas of south of our border. Ooops. Anyways, my revamped pina colada was the winner of the day.

I've always wondered why the pina colada can be so prevalent in warm cultures, and yet taste so nasty. Most colada recipes use canned coconut stuff that tastes too little of the real nut and too much like suntan lotion. But surely we can do better. My recipe leaves the gloopy glop and the blender behind.

Over ice, pour your desired amount of dark rum, then finish off with equal parts pineapple juice and young coconut juice. Tasco young coconut juice is the easiest to find, comes in a 16 oz. can, and can be found in most Asian specialty food stores like Uwajimaya. The young coconut juice is clear, not creamy, so it won't separate and look gross. It also has a more subtle, almost toasty, flavor that allows you to taste each ingredient. Tips: Remember, white rum is just wrong. Use unsweetened, pure pineapple juice. Monkey with the proportions to your taste.  

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